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Deviate Network Introduces CBD Products for Swingers

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NEW YORK — The Deviate Network, creators of the XBIZ-nominated DV8 Dare line of interactive erotic games for alternative lifestyles, is now introducing a CBD hybrid tailored for swingers.

“We were curious to learn more about CBD after a vendor approached us to sell it at one of our events,” said a rep. “After extensive research, we were amazed by the benefits and discovered how different strains had attributes which could potentially enhance our lifestyle.”

“As prominent veterans of the alternative lifestyle community, we understand the wants, needs and most importantly, the stress that occasionally comes with the swing lifestyle,” the rep added.

The Deviate Network rep explained they “questioned the members that use cannabis as a way to ease their nerves prior to going on a date or attending a swingers party.”

“One of the complaints they expressed was the issue of being high while attempting to socialize,” the rep continued. “In some cases, the cannabis high would make them regressive rather than social, which could lead to performance anxiety in men and nervousness in the sexes.”

The company invested in Vermont-grown CBD hemp flower in 2019 and added it to their network in late 2020.

“After research and consulting with our Vermont farm, we discovered a hybrid mix of uplifting social strain combined with strains for anxiety and stress relief that has all the benefits without the high,” the rep said, adding that they were “excited about the prospects of our new line of CBD products and the help it will bring to the alternative lifestyle community.”

The Deviate Network’s DV8 Swingers Vibe and other Vermont-grown CBD hemp products are now available for wholesale and retail distribution through their website.

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