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Deviate Essentials™ Product line
Lifestyle related products including swinger apparel, accessories and erotic games for couples and adult parties.

Featuring our DV8 Dare Series of Adult Erotic Games for the Lifestyles.
This series of games was created for you and swingers like you and makes every swingers encounter as fun and sexy as can be

Now #1 in the World - The ultimate icebreakers for over 9 years! . Created by Swingers for Swingers. Developed for maximum sexual interaction. Erotic swingers and alternative lifestyle party games for new and the most seasoned swingers. The lifestyle's hottest game series DV8 Dare Erotic Games

DV8 Dare™ Game Series product line includes:
The Original Erotic Dare Card Game for the Lifestyle. Created for Seasoned Lifestyles 
Swingers Edition Icebreakers Erotic Dare Card Game. The Ultimate Icebreaker
Fetish Edition Our Kinky Take on our Erotic Lifestyle Card Game
DV8 Dare Pong™ - Portable Pong Game. Our Smash hit found in Lifestyle Clubs, Takeovers, Cruises all over the world. 
DV8 Dare™ Erotic Coupons Game - Couples Edition 24 Sexy Roleplay Scenarios you've been dying to try but were afraid to ask. 
DV8 Dare Meet & Mingle™ Swinger Party Edition. This sexually social lifestyle game is a must have for your next Swinger Party

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