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Mens guide for gifting lingerie: Up your shopping game!

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There’s an important date coming up and you’re looking for something sexy for her. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Birthday etc., lingerie is the perfect gift! Women love to feel desirable as well as beautiful. Finding the ideal ensemble could be intimidating; the choices are endless! The key is to find something that you’ll both enjoy.

The first lesson in lingerie is that sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

While you may be genuinely turned on with the thought of easy access crotchless panties and a peek-a-boo bra, she may find that distasteful or out of her comfort zone. Choosing the perfect gift comes down to you being able to answer a few simple questions. Is she a wild woman who enjoys exhibitionism? Or does she prefer to play it safe and conservative. Does she love every aspect of her body? Or does she like to cover certain areas that she finds flaws in.

You may find sheer to be sexy, but it wouldn’t matter if she prefers lace instead. Choose something that’ll let her know you think she’s special, but will also be pleasurable for her. So, how does one navigate this sensitive subject when trying to buy their partner a sexy piece of lingerie? Here are a few guidelines:

Know her likes and dislikes.

Take this opportunity to sift through her lingerie drawer. Are all of her intimates a collection of only primary colors? Is she more into florals? What does she wear on date night? What is her go-to sexy outfit?

A good rule of thumb for your first lingerie purchase, would be to stick with something she’s already comfortable in. Black is always a safe bet. The color is sexy and slimming, and everyone feels good in it. You’ll have time later on to coax her out of her comfort zone.

Size really does matter

While it may be flattering to receive a ‘smaller than me’ gift, it would become something that will sit in the bottom of her lingerie drawer never to see the light day. It could also be perceived as a negative. Remember, we’re women. We tend to overthink things. Receiving a gift that is too small, may cause her to wonder, “maybe he wants me to be this size”. It’s counterproductive. While it may be difficult to corner her with a tape measure, this will give you another opportunity to explore her drawers. Find her bra size. These would typically be marked with a number, followed by a letter. 34B, 36C, 38DD for example. Panty sizes could be as simple as S, M or L, or numbers typically ranging from 5 - 8. What size dresses does she wear? Is she petite? Full busted? Confusing, I know! After you gather the critical info, you’ll be better equipped to decide what to buy.

What to Look for When Shopping

It’s a lot easier if you know her sizes, but if you absolutely cannot find out that information, you still have a few options:

Contact a Lingerie Representative. Some online retailers offer a plethora of advice. Devier Boutique, for example, prides itself in offering one-on-one personal shopping experiences. Talking to a live person helps to make the process painless and enjoyable, Remember, there are no questions we haven’t heard before. We’re here to help.

Talk to other men. Although it may seem taboo and perhaps a little awkward at first, talk about your situation with your male friends. Typically, most men will have had this hesitancy at one point. Find out how they got through it and what the outcome was.

Guess and hope for the best. If all else has failed and you still want to surprise your other with something seductive, then look for something that is not quite as dependent on fit. This would include items like a silk chemise, an adjustable bustier or something sexy and flowing.

Many women are already discouraged about their body image but, with the right lingerie they can become sexual vixens. Knowledge is power. Take chances, make her happy, and buy that outfit!

*check back soon for our next article on role play! Ideas, costumes and more! 


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