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DV8 Dare™ Cruzin Pineapples Playful & Naughty Pineapple Lil Spinner Game 2-Pack

Deviate Essentials

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From the Cruzin Pineapples DV8 Dare™ Game Series Playful Pineapple and Naughty Pineapple Lil Spinner Ice Breaker Games pack

Get two fun games at a discount!

DV8 Dare™ Pineapple Spinner Games for Swingers!


The Playful Pineapple and the Naughty Pineapple ‘dubbed’ the DV8 Lil’ Spinners for their portable size, are a perfect mild and wild way to break the ice and get things going on a playdate or at a swingers lifestyle party.  

The playful Pineapple Lil Spinner is the mild version, and its naughty wilder counterpart, have 8 interactive dares that are perfect for sexy uninhibited fun almost anywhere! DV8 DARE™ LINE OF EROTIC GAMES FOR THE LIFESTYLE


DV8 Dare Series of erotic games for the swingers and alternative lifestyles.

Developed for maximum naughty entertainment, perfect for everyone in the lifestyle
Sexy uninhibited dares that spice up any intimate adult get together.
Erotic Dare lets you dive right in to play, not for the timid. 
The Ultimate Adult Dare Game


ADULTS ONLY: 2 TO 4 Players
4"x4" The Playful Pineapple Lil Spinner Portable Party Game

4"x4" The Naughty Pineapple Lil Spinner Portable Party Game 

Easy To Play, No Complicated Rules To Follow


The Game Where Everyone's A Winner!
Do You Deviate?™


Currently available in English only

Made in the USA